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Many people overestimate the quality of their sound.  Two people, professionally miked in a studio setting is regarded as "excellent."  If people speak over one another consistently, it is regarded as "average," even in a studio setting.  If individuals have difficult accents, it is "difficult."

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"Days" mean business days and weekends are extra.

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What level of accuracy do you need?  Some industries, such as legal & medical need every "Uhh, umm," cough, stammer, repeat, stutter, etc... which we call "literal verbatim"   Others, such as film editors or reality producers need just the "gist" of what's being said and we call that "Edited For Clarity".

Style/Format? *

If you need time coding or a running clock inserted into your transcript, that's called STYLE 2, and we need a BITC (burned-in-time-code) window visible on your media.  The window can be low resolution as the sound is far more vital.

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